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Meet Krisztina


My mission is simple:

Help People Run Towards Their Truth
– personally, and professionally –

with intention, authenticity and compassionate coaching.

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Spiritual Life Coach & Success Leader

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Whether one-on-one or as a group and retreat facilitator, Krisztina Konya works with people who are at a crossroads in life. She specializes in supporting individuals who feel unfulfilled with their current life experience and are ready to create a new path of purpose and fulfillment.

"My main philosophy with coaching holds to the belief that everyone can find clarity and direction, from the inside out." ~ Krisztina Konya

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Krisztina is a guide with expertise in helping people to connect with their inner wisdom through discernment with their inner critic (those voices of fear, limited beliefs, and ‘stuckness’) – creating an accountable plan of make their vision a reality. 

Krisztina has authored two books: “Re-ACT and Change Your Life” and ‘Find Your Self’ (a co-authorship inclusion) – including a self-guided handbook of discovery and power.


Today, she hosts the popular ‘Truth Runners’ online talk show – interviewing some of the most inspiring and creative thought leaders who know, speak and live their Truth into being.


Prior to becoming a life coach, Krisztina’s professional training in Business Management readied her for the field of coaching through her experience in creating and managing strategic planning and innovative programs. By using different facilitation tools and processes, Krisztina is able to guide people to the clarity they need in order to live more purposeful and abundant lives.


A mum, wife, sister, friend and Metallica-head, Krisztina lives in London, UK and finds joy in music concerts, motorcycling and anything that requires boots, rather than heels.

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