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Masterclass: Be the Leader of Your Life

A 90-minute Masterclass on being the hero/heroine of your own story.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 111 British pounds
  • London, UK

Service Description

BE THE LEADER OF YOUR LIFE A 90-minute masterclass that will help you to make the first steps necessary to be the leader of your own life, the hero/heroine of your own story. After this masterclass, if you are committed to yourself, you will be more self-confident and have more clarity on your goals, especially on who you are. This masterclass is for you if: 💥 You want to change the stories in your mind 💥 You want to renew your positive thoughts about yourself, and rewrite the story of your life 💥 You want to gain more clarity 💥 You want to learn how to transform your thinking processes and develop a true success mindset. MASTERCLASS OUTLINE:  The contract with yourself  Week 1: Your hero’s journey  Week 2: The “Who am I?” question  Week 3: Take your power back  Week 4: I am Ok.  Week 5: What is sabotaging you standing in your power?  Week 6: Abundance  Week 7: Connection with yourself and others  Week 8: The five principles of stratospheric success  Week 9: What are others reflecting within you?  Week 10: Letting go of fears  Week 11: Your sense of autonomy  Week 12: What are your next steps? Sense of faith.

Contact Details

  • London, UK

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