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Airplane Taking Off at Sunset

Krisztina's Journey 

Life is, indeed, a journey - - and mine has been an adventure! 

My Story

Raised in Transylvania, Romania, I embarked on a solo journey at 19, leaving with only a backpack bound for Budapest, Hungary, fueled by a yearning to transform both my world and my family's fate.

Driven by a quest to discover what lay beyond, I soon realized that the true revelations were within. Amidst numerous highs and lows, a 14-year stint in Budapest left me feeling incomplete, prompting a move to London in 2014, where my soul's work commenced—a journey of self-reflection, health, and redefining my relationship with success and wealth.

Through this metamorphosis, I learned the power of self-acceptance and resilience, embracing the belief that I could indeed manifest my dreams. My message echoes to all enduring a sense of perpetual struggle: If I can embrace my passions in my 40s, so can you.

Beach at Sunset

Spiritual Life Coaching | Success Leader

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