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Krisztina's Journey 

Life is, indeed, a journey - - and mine has been an adventure! 

My Story

Born and raised in Transylvania, Romania, I left my country when I was only 19, running away from home with only a backpack - headed to Budapest, Hungary.

I wanted to change the world.

I also wanted to prove to my family that we are not meant to struggle – financially, emotionally or otherwise. I just knew there was something ‘out there’ that could change our circumstances and create a more prosperous and fulfilling life.

Of course, what I found was not ‘out there’ – but rather, deep within.


There have been ups and many downs during this journey.


I lived and worked in Budapest for 14 years, where I had good times, but still felt incomplete. In 2014, I moved to London, UK. Once here, I began the soul work of thinking, acting, and uplifting my life, my health and my relationship with money and success.  Slowly but steadily, I started to transform my life.

I learned to accept, respect, and love myself. I learned that no matter what, I CAN follow my dreams and make them become a reality.

So, to all those who still believe that their lives will never change, I tell you this: If I was able to do what I love in my 40s, you can do it, too!

My first book, RE-ACT…and Change Your Life, was written with the sole purpose of showing, first to myself and also to the world, that my journey is not unlike most people who are struggling day after day to make their dreams come true. 

Beach at Sunset

Spiritual Life Coaching | Success Leader

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