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21-Day Expedition

Align. Activate. Attract. A journey into your inner world.

  • Duration Varies
  • 99.99 British pounds
  • Virtual / Online

Service Description

Hey Beautiful Soul, We are together every day for 21 days, to help you unleash the power that lies within YOU and awaits to be awaken! I am Krisztina, and I will be your guide for 21 days into an expedition into your inner world. It is my honour to walk with you in this beautiful journey. The last years have been challenging for all of us, maybe it even changed the lives of many. Questions, that you never thought you will ask yourself, arise and you find yourself a little bit confused, insecure, and not sure “now what?” It changed the way we think, feel and what we are paying attention to. What is important for us. Me, personally, I realized in the past couple of years that I am more powerful than I ever thought I could be. And I started to manifest good things faster. It seems like everything I wish for, everything I desire, come to life as fast as the blink of an eye. Now, my intention is to help YOU, to hold the space for you to find YOUR inner power, the confidence in yourself, and the clarity you need. I will guide you to find your inner power and to shine brighter than ever. I will be your guide. Your job is to put in practice the tools and techniques I am giving you during the 21 days expedition. What you will get if you walk with me: ✰ 21 video lessons ✰ 21 exercises ✰ a downloadable workbook that you can use for the 21-day expedition. At the end of the 21-days you will be richer with the following: ❁ You will know how to reconnect with yourself, with who you truly are. ❁ How to align your thoughts and your actions. ❁ How to love yourself more. ❁ How to unlearn conditioning ❁ Gratitude ❁ How to make a wish in the right way (however, there is no right or wrong, we look on wording and emotions) ❁ The Law of Attraction - and the art of living a happy and joyful life!

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London, UK

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